Computer Short Form

In this time every person use computer. so every details about computer know persona easly. below short form of computer.

JPEG : Joint Photographic Experts Group

TIFF : Tagged Image File Format

PNG : Portable Network Graphics

WWW : World Wide Web

IE : Internet Explorer

IIS : Internet Information Service

HREF : HyperText Reference

ISP : Internet Service Provider

HTML : Hyper Text Markup Language

HTTP : Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

CSS : Cascade Style Sheet

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

GIF : Graphic Interchange Format

FTP : File Transfer Protocol

DTP : Desk Top Publishing

XML : Extensible Markup Language

E-Commerce : Electronic Commerce

PC : Personal Computer

G2C : Government To Citizen

GSWAN : Gujarat State Wide Area Network

PIN : Personal Identification Number

SSL : Secure Socket Layer

M – Commerce : Mobile Commerce

PDA : Personal Digital Assistants

SMS : Short Message Service

CD : Compact Disk

DVD : Digital Versatile Disk

ATM : Automated Teller Machine

IT : Information Technology

EDI : Electronic Data Transfer

B2B : Business To Business

B2C : Business To Computer

C2C : Customer To Customer

G2B : Government To Business

VPP : Value Payable Parcel

ASP : Active Server Pages

JSP : Java Server Pages

DOS : Disk Operating System

GUI : Graphical User Interface

GRUB : Grand Unified Bootloader

LILO : Linux Loader

PDF : Portable Document Format

BOSS : Bharat Operating Systems Solution

PHP : Hypertext Pre-processor

GPL : General Public Licence

LGPL : Lesser General Public General License

IDE : Integrated Development Environment

CDAC : Centre For Development Of Advanced Computing in India

CLI : Command Line Interface

ASCII  : American Standard Code for Information Interchange

USB : Universal Serial Bus

POSIX : Portable Operating System Interface

BSNL : Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

VSNL : Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited

NRCFOOS : National Resource Center of Free/Open Source

ODF : Open office Document Format

EMI : Equated Monthly Installment

DBMS : Data Base Management System

RDBMS : Relational Data Base Management System